Clay Oven

Star rating 4.5

13 The Mall
The Broadway
Ealing, London

020 8840 0313

Nearest Tube
Ealing Broadway


We have had some good and some excellent meals here. The onion bahjias are really too big to have as a starter, so no side dishes or papadums if you insist.

Added by Tony Love, Monday 28 May 2001 13:28

Infamous amongst the Ealing wing of CurryClub.Org, and rightly so for the footballs that seem to be Onion Bhajees. Anyone who eats a whole starter (or in fact a whole meal) is well on the way to an early grave through overeating. Failing to finish your food is no problem here though as they will provide a doggie-bag for oyur left-overs, of which there are usually lots, and keeps Gary going for the rest of the week. That said the food is of a high standard, and very reasonably priced.

Added by Andrew Spencer, Wednesday 10 October 2001 19:27


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