Measham Spice House

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A little gem of a curry house, tucked away in Measham, Leicestershire. The menu is innovative, featuring the usual standard dishes plus a wide selection of recipes that I have not encountered anywhere else. Several new establishments have opened up in the area, all of very high quality, notably the Jeera in Coton in the Elms and the Spice House at No Mans Heath, but the Measham Spice House tops them all. Prices are reasonable and service is excellent. Although the Spice House has only been open for a very few months, I have worked my way through at least 8 of the dishes and not yet been disappointed; they have all been so good that I cannot say which is my favourite. My standard test of a new curry house is to try the Chicken Jalfrezi, and this one is the best I have ever tasted. The other notable feature is that I have not managed to identify a standard curry sauce that they use for most of their dishes - they all seem to have a different and distinctive base. Whether you want something hit and fiery or gentle but tasty, you have to try this place. There is considerable variety, including several unusual fish dishes, one with lobster, and a wonderful concoction with lamb chops, but if you just want a chicken tikka masala, thats not a problem either.

Added by Neil Roberts, Sunday 20 September 2009 06:54

This is my very favorite place to eat out! The Measham Spice House is wonderful food at very good prices. I have had so many different dishes there and never been disappointed or ever left hungry. They are very generous with their portions. They have recently started serving alcohol and have kept those prices reasonable too. It is not all about the delicious food though. The food presentation, service and comfortable atmosphere are all first class. The owners and staff always make each visit special. If you are looking for a truly enjoyable meal out this is definantly the place to go.

Added by Tina, Sunday 24 January 2010 19:47


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