D.K. Montys

Star rating 4.5

Unit 4
Ealing Broadway Centre
Ealing, London
W5 5DB


12:00-15:00 7 days, 18:00-00:00 7 days

Nearest Tube
Ealing Broadway


Otherwise known to us as "Montys 2". This is very different to the other <a href="ShowRestaurant.php?RestID=23">Montys</a> in Ealing Broadway. Its located in a standard shop unit arranged into an open plan style restaurant with tables around the walls and a line of tables through the centre. Mirrors on the walls and a large glass shop-front make it feel bigger than it really is. <p> Every table always gets a salad of bite-sized vegetables to eat at the start of the meal. I recommend the papadum's because the pickle and chutney tray is very good. The menu has no starter section but dishes can be ordered as a starter or a main meal. Warning: I thought this meant that a special starter version of the dish would be served but this is not the case! If you are hungry then go for the chicken dilkhoosh (two chicken breast pieces with mushrooms and creamy rice) at 9.25, or for something very special I highly recommend the tandoori king prawns (very large king prawns from the tandoor) at 11.95 . <p> These days we always seem to get a drink on the house at the end of the meal, but I don't know if this is because we're there so often. I don't recommend the mango for desert - its the canned variety. Also, try to avoid sitting in the centre strip of tables because its not very private and if you end up sitting next to a smoker it can be quite uncomfortable, otherwise though this is a great restaurant with high quality food and pleasant staff.

Added by Gary Sleet, Saturday 26 May 2001 15:27

Very good food and big portions, overall a classy curry house.

Added by Tony Love, Monday 28 May 2001 14:40


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