Brilliant Restaurant

Star rating 3.5

72-76 Western Road



Notable for having an unusual selection of food available, including spicy chips as starters. Well worth a revisit.

Added by Tony Love, Monday 28 May 2001 14:34

The starters were very good: Fried Masala Egg, Filo Fried Prawn, and Mogo Cassava Chips!. We don't normally have chips with our curries but somehow its become tradional at the Brilliant and we've only been there once before. For the main course we had a Palak Lamb half bowl which the menu claims is enough for 3 people. The waiter thought is was definitely not, so we also ordered various naan breads, rice, more chips, and side dishes including our favorite veggie dish Aloo Saag. In fact the half bowl of lamb is easily enough food for 3 people so we did over-order as expected. The lamb was excellent, but the Aloo Saag was wattery and overcooked. We ordered the wrong chips with the main meal - they were more like oven chips.

Added by Tony Love, Monday 17 September 2001 03:00

We have only visited this restaurant once but we will definitely be going again. Its is quite a large place but is also busy - which in itself is a high recommendation given the discerning population of Southall. <p> The menu is quite short, but I think the idea is to keep the variety down to ensure that what's on offer can be cooked to the best quality. The portions are generous and represents very good value. <p> They have a large widescreen TV at one end of the restaurant, and the whole time we were there it was showing Bollywood movies. We rang ahead and arranged a discount through being members of Pat Chapmans Curry Club. <a href=""></a>

Added by Gary Sleet, Monday 13 October 2008 14:16


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