Bombay Brasserie

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Courtfield Close
Courtfield Road

020 7370 4040

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Probably my favorite restaurant of any type, any where. We've been twice and had two different experiences. The first was a traditional evening meal when I had a fantastic king prawn dish (what a surprise), with fist-sized prawns. We (except Tony) had wine for a change due to the grossly expensive beer (though we've had worse more recently). The second occasion was a lunchtime buffet for my birthday. The buffet is served in the "greenhouse" portion of the restaurant, which is very pleasant. Though the food wasn't as wonderful as the first occasion, as it isn't as fresh, it was still high quality, and actually reasonable value. A large array of silver tureens contain a myriad of delicacies. I'm not sure that multiple visits were allowed, but it wasn't really necessary. Extravagently expensive, you won't get much change out of one of those big red notes that Tony carries around, for the evening meal, but well worth it if you have deep pockets. I can't wait for the next visit - hopefully for my birthday again.

Added by Andrew Spencer, Wednesday 10 October 2001 20:20

Not as classy as the India Club.

Added by Tony Love, Wednesday 8 October 2003 17:39


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