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Soho Spice

Star rating 4

124-126 Wardour Street
Soho, London

020 7434 0808

Nearest Tube
Oxford Circus


The Soho Spice is unlike any Indian restaurant I've been to before. The decor is more like a trendy West End bar, than a curry house, all bright colours, including the waiters kurtas, and wood floors. Though it's not so Art-Deco as the Veeraswamy. There is a spacious downstairs bar to wait for your table, a good idea as it was full when we arrived, but this is not surprising given its location.

The menu is interesting, albeit small. Pappadums (spicy) arrived almost instantaneously, with two pickles, the staple Mango Chutney and a lime-based pickle that wasn't the usual taste-bud attack one would expect - much more edible in fact. There are some interesting Starter selections (veggie and non-veggie) that combine four starters on a platter. All the main courses come on a platter of small bowls containing your main choice, two side vegetable dishes, rice, and nan bread. The latter was light and puffy. The Prawn Balchao ("queen" prawns no less) that I had was excellent, nicely spicy. Gary had the Non-vegetarian Curry Selection, a "real feast" mixed platter of various chicken, lamb and prawn curries. The bill for starters, main courses and two beers came to 44, most of the main courses are around 8-9, except the multi-dish extravaganza that Gary chose. The vegetable dishes were strange in themselves, the dal contained kidney beans and the other diced courgettes, neither of which I have seen on an Indian menu before, but both were very good.

It is certainly different, and there seemed to be more drinking going on than eating. Personally I don't mind not seeing the usual "flock" wall paper and thick carpets of a traditional curry house once in a while.

Added by Andrew Spencer, Thursday 17 May 2001 00:46


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