Masala Zone

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Marshall Street

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Oxford Circus


Someone has had the extremely good idea of taking a noodles bar (like Wagamama's) but instead of serving noodles serving curry (although they do strangely also do curried noodles). The food is extremely good, although the lack of Naan breads does mean that some amateur curry fans won't like it.<p> Main courses are all reasonably priced and come with rice on the one plate (again another reason for amateurs to object). They also serve burgers at lunch time which is a fantastic innovation.<P> Top tip if you are having starters, don't order your main courses until you have finished the starters, otherwise you will get everything at once. Also serves Cobra.<P> Highly recommended as a quick and relatively cheap venue.

Added by Tony Love, Thursday 15 November 2001 18:33


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