Khyber Pass

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Bute Street

Nearest Tube
South Kensington


Tucked away at the end of a side street off the Old Brompton Road, the Khyber Pass offers a good selection of standard curry dishes. Conveniently located for both the Abbaye and South Kensington tube station AND they do chips.<P> The waiter was a bit pushy trying to choose our rice and breads for us and they were rather hasty when it came to taking the plates away as we hadn't actually finished eating. On the plus side however the food was good (although the chicken could have done to have been a bit more tender), they served Cobra and we got after curry chocolates.<P>Did I mention they also do chips?

Added by Tony Love, Wednesday 20 February 2002 17:32

Added by Tony Love, Wednesday 4 December 2002 23:35

One of the few places I've had a Chicken Phall, although, strangely, nobody else wanted to try a bit.

Added by Gary Sleet, Saturday 4 January 2003 18:35


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