The Coriander Leaf

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158 South Ealing Rd
W5 4QL

020 8560 4455

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South Ealing


After doing some last minute xmas shopping we found ourselves in South Ealing and, of course, popped in to the <a href=>South Ealing Monty's</a> for dinner. Unfortunately we were a bit early, but they invited us in to sit and wait for 15 minutes anyway. We declined and walked up the hill to see what we could find. This is how we came to try The Coriander Leaf. The dining area is a small square room with a bar in front of the kitchen at one end. We were a little early, but they didn't seem to mind and we got a lot of attention, being the only people in the place. <p> The sauces that came with papadums were excellent. We shared a single starter of tandoori chicken which came sizzling on a metal oven dish. This was recommended by the manager to us, and we were very impressed. Although the starter took a while to come, the main dishes were ready as soon as we wanted them. We had a chicken chilli dish and tandoori king prawns, which were both very good (plus the standard saag aloo, naan, and mushroom rice). I'm not sure if this always happens, but we were offered a complimentary drink from the bar at the end of the meal. The meal cost about 35 pounds for 2 people, and I was impressed that they wouldn't let me tip them on the credit card receipt. <p> Best of all, the portions were generous enough for a doggy-bag. I don't know why exactly, but the next day the left-overs tasted even better.

Added by Gary Sleet, Saturday 4 January 2003 18:12


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