Bhangra Beat

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22 Drury Lane


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We went because we hadn't been there before and they had a special offer of 2 for 1 on the main meals. However we had a surprisingly good meal and I am keen to go back soon. The tandoor menu can be had as smaller portions as a starter, or as a main. Just to confuse matters we ordered two main Tandoor Feasts and shared them between 4 of us as starters. One nice touch is that they have a low fat section on the menu - not that we explored that. I asked for a spicy version of their Chichin Chicken and they were happy to do that. It was very nice in fact. The menu declares that London is the "curry capital of the world". Free drinks at the end were also a nice touch, in addition to the After Eights.

Added by Gary Sleet, Tuesday 31 January 2006 16:05


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